What do you consider to be the essential item in your life? Some will mention clothing and jewellery, while others will note food and water. And each of these responses is correct.


As a result, everyone wants different things in life to cling to. But what if they wish to all of them? It would be beneficial if you travelled to a location where you could find everything you need in life. JCPenney is a store that has everything from jewellery and clothing to food and furniture. And, guess what? JCPenney is conducting a guest feedback survey at to determine its consumers’ thoughts about the business and its sales. Please read this article to discover more about their survey and the prize.


JCPenney Survey

Why JCPenny Feedback Survey?

Customers at JCPenney stores, like everyone else, want to see a difference in their environment and how others react to them. TalkToJCPenney knows how to make their consumers happy and enhance their stores. The primary goal of conducting a survey is to see what improvements customers want to see in the stores and products they offer.


What could be better than taking a survey in exchange for a chance to win something? This survey is not only for the benefit of the company but also for the benefit of the customers. Customers can win 15% off or $10 off coupons in exchange for their business. As a result, you have the opportunity to win vouchers and visit a better store in the future.

About JCPenny


In the JCPenney mall, they sell a variety of items. Jewellery, clothing, furniture, retail, electronics, footwear, and other things fall under this category.

JCPenney Survey

They have several establishments, including The Salon by InStyle, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Portrait Studios.


JCPenney was founded by two men named James Cash Penny and William Henry. Most of its stores were built downtown before 1966, but as malls became more popular in the second half of the twentieth century, they began refurbishing and transferring their stores to the other side, where they were more visible.

Rules & Eligibility For JCPenney Survey


  1. The participant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. To participate in the survey, you do not need to purchase.
  3. The reward is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. Employees of the store are unable to participate in the survey.
  5. Winners will be notified through a letter.

Do you meet all of the above requirements? Great! You are eligible to enter the customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes. However, there are some requirements for taking part in the survey. Please continue reading to learn about the survey’s criteria.

How to take the Online Survey?


Step by step guide to complete the JCPenny online survey is as follows:

  • Visit the survey portal┬áto get started with the survey. You can reach the survey website by clicking the above button.
  • Choose the language of your choice (English or Spanish).
  • Enter the verification code, which is 22 digits long. It’ll be written on the receipt.
  • To continue, click Next.
  • The questionnaire will appear on the screen. Complete and submit all of the questions.
  • Join your email address when you’ve finished answering all of the questions to enter the JCPenney survey sweepstakes.
  • Your email address will be used to notify you of your sweepstakes entry.

JCPenny Survey Rewards


After completing the JCPenney Customer Feedback Survey, you will receive a JCPenney Promo Code. You will receive a 10% discount on your next visit to JCPenney if you use this code.

Contact JCPenny

If you have any queries related to anything about JCPenney, you can willingly reach them.

For any purchase or general inquiry: 1 800 322 1189.

Credit Card assistances: 1 800 542 0800.

For gift registry: 1 800 527 4438.

Final Words

I hope you’ve learned everything there is to know about the JCPenney Survey, and you can visit at any time to participate and receive your discount code, which you’ll be able to use soon. Furthermore, if you enjoyed this article, you can leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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